Frequently asked questions

How do I begin a Read-a-thon at my child's school?

For information on kick starting a Read-a-thon at any school, please reach out to Melissa by completing the form on the Contact page and simply mentioning "Read-a-thon"!

Like, OMG! Who does your tattoos?

Melissa's tattoos have been a collaboration of work by quite a few different artists. Most of her recent work is done by Chris Linestead, owner of Eagle's Nest Tattoo Company in Dartmouth, NS. Find him on Instagram here.

Can I have my child featured on #RaiseAReader?

Yes! Simply email Melissa or reach out to her on social media using the hashtag #RaiseAReader and she would be happy to help you show off your little one reading and enjoying books. She also particularly enjoys seeing literary themed costumes!