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Melissa Marie Keeping

Melissa Maire Keeping is an author, visionary, and educator based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 


Melissa has been writing for as long as she can remember and has created dozens of works of fiction. Her first hard copy book, Griffin in the Spring, is now available online and in stores.

"Ms. Keeping" also works for the Halifax Regional Center for Education as an Educational Program Assistant. She has a certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Behavioral Interventions. She has experience working with special needs students in both elementary and junior high. 

Melissa also works as a private reading tutor. She works with children in lower elementary to help them learn reading strategies, build their confidence, and develop a love of books. 


Melissa spends a lot of time volunteering her time and ideas to local schools. She serves on the Parent Teacher Association and the School Advisory Council at Fairview Heights Elementary School, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (FHES). She was previously the Co-chair of the School Advisory Council at Grosvenor Wentworth Park School. 


Through her volunteer work at FHES Melissa designed and kicked off the first annual Fairview Heights Read-a-thon. It proved very lucrative for the school and was made an annual event. In three years Melissa has visited 16 classes and organized seven reader's theatres to help promote the Read-a-thon. The school plans to continue the Read-a-thon annually. 


Melissa was given the opportunity to work with staff, students and parents in applying for a grant from Indigo to enhance and restock the school's library. Melissa wrote a piece for the grant and assisted in the application process. Fairview Heights was awarded 60,000 dollars in resources for their library from Indigo- an absolutely ground breaking amount of money for the school. Since, Melissa has worked on two more successful grant applications, the most recent resulting in 10,000 dollars for playground design.


Melissa was the cofounder of Krafty Written Works Kreations, a business developed to create works of fiction and to help children access literature in fun and meaningful ways. In 2016 Melissa ran a program called Krafty Stories through this business at Grosvenor Wentworth Park School. Krafty Stories was a non-profit group for kids during which Melissa performed a children's story and designed and taught a related craft.

Previously, Melissa went to school for Radio and Televison Arts with a concentration in broadcast journalism. While she left the course with a year remaining to pursue a more creative occupation, she learned many great skills and had the opportunity to fine tune her public speaking. 

Above all, Melissa is "Mommy" to four wonderful children:

Joey is eleven years old. Her entire world revolves around her pet python, Harry Potter, and her best friend, Libby.

Tanner is a magical nine-year-old who loves all things mythical and fantastical.

Weiland is a feisty three-year-old and might just be the world's youngest The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter fan. 

And Jackson is a one-year-old who has no choice but to observe the chaos and be the recipient of endless snuggles. 


Melissa is also the adoptive mama to two cats, Sabbra and Geezer Butler and a dog, Azathoth.      


In her spare time Melissa likes to... just kidding. Melissa doesn't have any spare time.

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The Indigo team presents FHES with 60,000
dollars for the school library
The Indigo grant team
Krafty Stories
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