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Review- The Reluctant Vampire and Other Tales: Flash Fiction for the Short Attention Span

What a nice little treat to have stumbled upon!

The Reluctant Vampire and Other Tales is only 98 pages long and manages to include 48 stories! As you can imagine, many of these micro fiction stories are less than 1000 words. They are super quick to flip through! It was easy to find a few minutes here and there to read a story or two.

As with any anthology, there were stories I liked better than others. Many of the stories were pleasantly creepy and commented on some aspect of human life.

My absolute favorite story in the book is less than a page long. It is simply called "Snakes". It was a little bizarre and yet, somehow, relatable. Extremely well done.

Anyone who is having a hard time finding the time they need to enjoy a book would love to pick up The Reluctant Vampire. I flipped through this book faster than any I've read recently!

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