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Teleporting to my Griffin.

Okay, so I teleported to my Griffin. But where in the world IS my Griffin?

Griffin in the Spring is set in my home- Nova Scotia. While there is no mention of the name of Griffin's home, there are certainly some signs that N.S. is where my Griffin is hanging out!

There are a few clues right in the story's text. The quickly changing spring weather is a characteristic of Nova Scotia's rainy season. The relief that the Griffin feels as he finally leaves his den after the long winter is a widespread feeling across our province.

The illustrations by Cleoward Sy have some more indications that the Griffin might be from the Maritimes. While giving my illustration instructions I tried to capture the essence of our province in the springtime- a sky streaked with rain and grass speckled with flowers. There is also an appearance by the seagull, who seems to love our coastal province.

Teleporting to my Griffin wasn't much of a trip for me at all. I'm awfully glad to see him, though!

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