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There is not much sense trying to write what we think the next generation of adults will read if can't get today's kids reading.  - Greg Keeping 

Joey & Jackson, 11 &1, 2020

Tanner, age 8, 2019

#RaiseAReader is all about teaching kids to love and enjoy books from day one. If you would like your child featured on #RaiseAReader, please email a photo or get in touch with Melissa online and include the #RaiseAReader hashtag!

When we talk about babies and reading, educators and psycologists often refer to a 1995 study by  Betty Hart and Todd Risely that found that some kids heard up to 30 million more words than other kids by the time they reached age 3. 

The kids who heard more words translated this into better vocabularies, enhanced reading skills and and overall better acedemic success. 

Creating a foundation of strong reading and speaking skills begins in infancy. Children understand more language when they are read to- even before they begin to speak themselves. When babies are read to they are often good at understanding what is being said to them. 

Reading with your babies and children also provides a much needed quiet bonding time. The happy feelings that come with this parent to child bonding time will stick with your child and help them to feel positively about books and reading as they grow.


Weiland, age 2. 2020


Joey, 4 days old, 2009


Evangeline & Hiram, 4 & 8, 2020

The benefits of reading with baby


Advances communication skills.


Helps develop listening and memory skills. 


Introduces emotion and helps with development of perspective and empathy.


Improves academic performance and testing skills.


Begins to create a lifelong love of reading and an apprecation of books. 


Introduces other concepts (shapes, colors, numbers, animals- the list goes on!)


Provides bonding time and teaches that reading and learning are fun.

Tanner and Weiland, ages 8 and 2, 2020

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