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Griffin in the Spring

"I just know my grandson will love the colorful pictures. And, as he gets older, will appreciate the beautiful story as well."

- @mspenguin74 on Twitter



By: Megan11 on Goodreads

Reviewed in Canada on February 24th, 20, 2021

"A sweet book with beautiful illustrations. The alliteration and rhyming throughout are wonderful to listen to and to read.

I love that it doesn't take the traditional route of children's books of repetition and smaller vocabulary, but is still easy to comprehend. It seems like a conscious choice on the part of the author where the payoff will be the ignition of curiosity and passion for reading in little ones.

I can't wait to read what this author gifts us with next!"

"Love your Griffin! ... He has stolen my heart."

- @cre8tivelychristine on Instagram


Cute little children's book

by: Chris Ramsay on Amazon

Reviewed in Canada on December 20, 2020

"The book has a decent rhyming scheme and simplistic enough for children to read and apprehend, as it should being the target audience. It does not overwhelm and has a good ratio of text and illustrations per page.

The illustrations are well done and in a cartoon manner that appeals to children while also being carefully crafted rather than being dumbed down to cut corners."



By: Anthony Thomas on Goodreads

Reviewed  on February 3rd, 2021

I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

This cute little book makes me wish my daughter was young again and I could read it to her before bedtime. The griffin is adorable and will be easily liked by any child I believe, and the story is captivating enough to hold any toddler’s attention. What little kid wouldn’t want to fly? Overall it was a great story to read to/with a little one!



By: Kid's Picture Book on Instagram

Reviewed  on March, 18th, 2021

This is a very cute book that would be perfect for younger toddlers. The story is about a Griffin who is coming out in spring. He is just taking it all in and living the joys of everything around him; the flowers blossoming, the clouds drifting, flying with birds. Then the rain comes which leads him back home. The illustrations are great for younger kids. Very colorful and engaging. My son loved looking at the Griffin and it kept his attention since we love mythical types of creatures. The book is also easy to follow along as it is written in rhyme.


"Please tell Melissa that her book is AMAZING! And thank you very much for sharing it with us. Quinn really enjoys it. We even played a game where I was the griffen and he rode on my back. Pretty funny."

                      -Mike Young, ERTH undergraduate advisor at Dalhousie University

About Readings and Presentations:


"Awesome audience participation! I love the kids' enthusiasm and yours!"

- Charlotte Gunnufson, author of Halloween Hustle

@CharlotteGunnu1 on Twitter


"I really enjoyed my interview with Mrs. Keeping and look forward to hearing from some of my other fellow writing companions. I got some great advice from her and a very interesting back story about her as well."

-Evelyn Marchand


Melissa Marie Keeping portrait by

@rivagabby on Instagram

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